The molecular profile to define and defeat her unique cancer.

Doctor going over breast cancer genomic test results

What does genomic testing mean for you and your patients?

Prior to genomic profiling, treatment decisions were based solely on clinicopathologic factors – such as the patient’s age, tumor grade, lymph node involvement and hormone receptor status. While important to consider, they provide a more superficial view of your patient’s breast cancer.

At the genomic level, physicians can examine the activity of specific genes inside a tumor – how they interact to drive the behavior of a tumor. By pairing these insights with clinical factors, we can more comprehensively understand a woman’s unique cancer and more confidently plan her next steps.

Together, our tests address two critical questions.

With quick and precise answers, multidisciplinary care teams can better counsel patients on the best possible treatment options for their breast cancer. Choosing more effective treatment approaches can improve patient outcomes and quality of life while saving the healthcare system from unnecessary costs.

MammaPrint Genomic Test for Breast Cancer

What are the chances her cancer returns?


What type of cancer am I dealing with?


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It’s nice to call the patient after the test and say, ‘The book is closed. You don’t need chemo.’

— Dr. Barry Rosen, MD

Dr. Barry Rosen - Genomic Testing for Breast Cancer

Timely clinical decisions.

With an accelerated turnaround time, our test results are ready as early as the initial surgery consultation. They allow you to build out a more complete treatment approach at the very start of patient discussions, helping to deepen patient trust and reduce second opinions.

The Treatment Timeline

1. McKelley, et al. SABCS 2020.

2. Agendia is committed to delivering results in less than 10 business days, and results are provided within 6 business days for the majority of cases.

I am so thankful that I had all the information I needed to make the right decision for me and my particular cancer.

— Sara, a breast cancer survivor