Looking for C.U.R.E.

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Looking for C.U.R.E.

Welcome to a unique portal to the latest information and education on breast cancer!

I welcome our new resident content editor Dr.Radhika Huliyar MD and re welcome our founder editor Dr.Sheekha Jain in joining me to input and plan new information!

It is through volunteer work of medical students, house staff and faculty at  University Of Arizona College Of Medicine, Maricopa Integrated Health services and University of Illinois Medical center and several medical schools that this site is possible. This site is the exclusive creation of a team of professionals dedicated to giving patients, survivors and their families the most comprehensive care and up-to-date resources available about breast cancer.

Respected specialists and researchers in medical and surgical oncology, internal medicine and plastic surgery wrote and assembled fact-filled articles on prevention, screening and diagnosis. Skilled social workers and psychologists provided insight into dealing with the emotional and practical concerns raised by breast cancer.

The site is dedicated to the brave women who have sought answers to many issues raised in their fight against breast cancer.

Breast Cancer is our concern as it is yours.

Your concern is valid and vital. It is only knowledge about this disease that will empower you or your loved ones to make smart choices.

We want to provide you with unbiased, scientific information about various aspects of the disease.

We are not asking for your donation. If you do want to donate, there are many worthy organizations including some listed in our support page for your consideration.

In a sea of information, is there an island of sanity?


Hope you can find answers......


Divyesh G Mehta, MD

Chief of Hematology Oncology Division,

Maricopa Integrated Health Services,

Professor Of Medicine,

University Of Arizona College Of Medicine,

Phoenix, AZ